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Trump's withdraw from Syria & Turkey's invasion of Syria
foreign policy, middle east
01:45 to 12:16
American troops in Syria; Consequences of failed foreign policy
terrorism, pragmatism
12:17 to 22:29
40 years after Iran captured American Embassy
22:30 to 23:10
American and North Korean negotiations to denuclearize Korean peninsula
23:11 to 24:54
Q: Is Yaron advocating unilateral military invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Iran?
24:55 to 28:43
Examples of US failed leadership and moral bankruptcy of American foreign policy
Hong Kong protesters
28:44 to 30:51
NBA Rockets owner & Hong Kong Protesters & China
30:52 to 34:59
damage to American foreign policy, Republicans and Democrats
35:00 to 38:07
Elizabeth Warren's plans for everything
economics, politics, authoritarian, socialism
38:08 to 41:31
Q: How do Yang, Sanders and Warren compare & differ?
41:32 to 45:26
Warren and Trump similarities
economics, trade
45:27 to 53:28
Elizabeth Warren and the Business Roundtable
53:29 to 56:17
Warren's rise and Trump's connection
Left vs. Right
56:18 to 01:00:45
Q: How does a Trump vs. Warren match-up compare to a Nixon-McGovern match-up?
01:00:46 to 01:03:09
Q: Is it proper to protect US property that has been bought by corrupt foreign governments or actors?
01:03:10 to 01:03:57
Q: Would a mandatory draft help to reduce war like how Switzerland has it?
01:03:58 to 01:05:51
Q: Who are some of Yaron's favorite musical artists beyond classical music?
01:05:52 to 01:08:35
Q: Thoughts on Switzerland's system of government?
01:08:36 to 01:10:59
Q: How is total war sustainable vs. the wars that are currently fought?
01:11:00 to 01:13:51
Q: Thoughts on Tom Hartman's hit pieces against Rand?
01:13:52 to 01:14:45
Q: Would the Supreme Court side against Warren in her plans to control boards of directors? How would she respond to achieve that goal?
01:14:46 to N/A