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Marxism, Revolution and Utopia by John Ridpath

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Popular Segments

Pursuing Rational Values, Principles, Standards and Virtues to achieve values
01:00:03 to 01:06:34
6.5 minutes
The attacks on "Big Business" - the main talking points: CEO pay, the "Imperial" CEO, corporate democracy.
00:00 to 05:45
5.8 minutes
Q: What factors account for American market success? Is it an apples-to-apples comparison?
23:10 to 24:53
1.7 minutes
A new chapter: in 1836 the corporate form begins to change
01:13:40 to 01:16:25
2.8 minutes
Q: Is control the key issue in limited liability vs. means? How is shareholders providing cash different from someone who supplied the gun in a crime.
41:53 to 44:29
2.6 minutes
Q: How does bankruptcy work and is it legitimate? Chapter 11 reorganization.
01:01:51 to 01:06:11
4.3 minutes