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Q: thoughts on how pharmaceutical prices are made? IP surrounding drugs?
03:38 to 08:07
Q: will 2021 be worse than 2020?
08:08 to 13:29
Q: what are current total sales of Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged?
13:30 to 17:01
Q: how do we know SES of Covid-19 victims?
17:02 to 19:29
Q: thoughts on the ending of Mr. Sunshine?
19:30 to 28:37
Q: thoughts on efforts to ban single use plastics?
28:38 to 33:21
Q: thoughts on pandemic enabling Atlas to shrug?
33:22 to 42:37
Q: thoughts on comedy as a genre?
42:38 to 49:10
Q: what is the motivation for resuming lockdowns in the minds of government officials?
49:11 to 50:49
Q: what is the primary way politicians come up with their ideas?
50:50 to 53:17
Q: is altruism an indication of insanity or a mistake?
53:18 to 55:14
Q: can't one use Reason to accomplish irrational goals?
55:15 to 57:59
Q: thoughts on rationality of qualified immunity for police?
58:00 to 01:00:26
Q: thoughts on emotional suppression and altruism in individuals and business people?
01:00:27 to 01:08:10
Q: thoughts on status of 30 year bonds?
01:08:11 to 01:16:16
Q: what is the best route to be a business person and being and Objectivist intellectual?
01:16:17 to 01:21:18
Q: thoughts on David Pakman debates?
01:21:19 to 01:26:23
Q: how did Rand's work evolve ?
01:26:24 to 01:30:06
Q: why wear a mask? what is the evidence of the efficacy of masks?
01:30:07 to 01:49:24
Q: what does Objectivism mean by the concept of ego?
01:49:25 to 01:56:47
Q: Isn't it depressing that the only people who care about you are one's parents as a kid?
01:56:48 to 01:59:24
Q: why has freedom faltered?
01:59:25 to 02:01:08
Q: do the constant attacks on Yaron wear him down; how does Yaron stay positive and committed to his values/positions?
02:01:09 to 02:03:50
Q: can ARI get Onkar out in the debate/discussion more often?
02:03:51 to 02:04:29
Q: what is the difference between rationally controlling one's emotions and repressing/suppressing one's emotions?
02:04:30 to 02:05:36
Q: why is mathematics education so bad in America?
02:05:37 to N/A