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finding purpose and self esteem in an altruist culture
Jordan Peterson, self-help, Purpose, Reason, Self-Esteem, altruism
02:32 to 09:07
Meaning and purpose typically presented as something external
07:36 to 09:07
What is The Purpose of Life
individualism, morality
09:08 to 14:09
Q: Are Ray Dalio's principles similar to Rand's and do his lead to a successful and flourishing life?
14:10 to 20:43
Q: Thoughts on other individualistic philosophies that claim to be similar to Rand's?
20:44 to 21:14
Q: Is the practical always the moral?
21:15 to 23:15
Q: How does one live one's life given all the bad socio-political stuff going on?
23:16 to 26:06
Q: If a person holds a malevolent universe premise, then is it impossible for them to succeed and are they afraid of success?
26:07 to 27:54
Q: At what age is a child's brain sufficiently developed to begin to teach them to think independently, critically, and rationally?
27:55 to 30:07
Q: Are failures of knowledge breaches of morality?
30:08 to 31:29
Objectivism on the Purpose/Meaning of Life
rationality, human nature, free will, individualism
31:30 to 34:49
Q: Is there enough value in learning a 2nd language to off-set the opportunity cost?
34:50 to 40:32
Q: If self-help is such a huge industry and Rand is ultimate self-help source, then is there an issue in the current marketing of her ideas?
40:33 to 45:43
3 Cardinal Values in a pro-Life Hierarchy of Values
Purpose, Reason, Self-Esteem
45:44 to 55:33
Integrating one's values with Cardinal Values and one's Life
55:34 to 58:47
Q: Is there a lecture series dealing with Hierarchy of Values and Virtues and Ethics?
58:48 to 01:00:02
Pursuing Rational Values, Principles, Standards and Virtues to achieve values
01:00:03 to 01:06:34
Foundations of a Free Society - new book
01:06:45 to 01:07:17