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Background info
01:00 to 04:16
the relationship(s) between philosophy and several fields of psychology
04:17 to 12:09
philosophy and mental health and psychology
12:10 to 13:31
Genetics, epistemology, and cognitive therapy
13:32 to 19:01
psychology’s influence on ideas
19:02 to 22:19
combating determinism in psychology; nature vs. nurture
22:20 to 25:17
Free Will in psychology; methodology and evidence
25:18 to 36:08
Ariely’s “The Honest Truth about Dishonesty” and bonuses to CEOs
36:09 to 42:39
IQ and Intelligence
42:40 to 50:41
Q: Is an Objectivist therapist in a better position to morally evaluate a patient than the Objectivists in the patient’s life?
50:42 to 53:14
Q: Do humans have Free Will? How is that established?
53:15 to 58:01
Q: Does ‘Tabula Rasa’ position contradict evolutionary psychology?
58:02 to 01:03:49
Envy and Emotions and Determinism
01:03:50 to 01:08:51
Chemical imbalances, medicine, fight or flight responses, and psychological ‘cures’
01:08:52 to 01:14:29
Self-Esteem and cognitive psychology
01:14:30 to 01:21:07
Q: When should one go see a therapist?
01:21:08 to N/A