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YBS updates and show introduction
01:55 to 18:29
analyzing and discussing various proposals designed to combat poverty and encourage 'buy American'
economics, trade, facts, role of government, finance, money
18:30 to 48:49
President Biden executive orders on minimum wage, buy America, and more
rule of law, nationalism, economics, role of government, tribalism, power
48:50 to 01:09:24
explaining the myth and fallacy of government spending helping stimulate economic growth
production, economics, politics, trade, facts, money
01:09:25 to 01:19:12
Q: government subsides sugar industry but passes laws to limit our consumption of sugar?
01:19:13 to 01:20:12
Q: what is Quantitative Easing ?
01:20:13 to 01:23:06
Q: thoughts on Biden shutting down all private prisons?
01:23:07 to 01:24:44
Q: is there a link or a necessity between altruism, determinism and Platonism?
01:24:45 to 01:27:42
Q: is there anyone in office arguing effectively against minimum wage laws?
01:27:43 to 01:29:02
Q: what is the point of free trade agreements?
01:29:03 to 01:31:14
Q: when will the gravy train of government handouts and such ends?
01:31:15 to 01:34:24
Q: didn't the Founding Fathers have views supporting 'big' government?
01:34:25 to 01:35:40
Q: what animates Jordan Peterson and other's view of the importance of social status?
01:35:41 to 01:39:23
Q: does free will violate cause and effect?
01:39:24 to 01:43:29
Q: thoughts on moving to various Asian countries for more freedom?
01:43:30 to N/A