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YBS updates
01:00 to 11:01
show topic introduction
11:02 to 12:49
video analysis of Minimum wage advocates
Reason, economics, trade, role of government, finance, money
12:50 to 35:21
wages, productivity, and economics
truth, Reason, profit motive, markets, statistics, business
35:22 to 39:54
costs of minimum wage
truth, Reason, morality, productivity, statistics, money
39:55 to 01:00:54
Q: are Western mixed economies more resilient than Rand thought; especially in the context of Covid?
01:00:55 to 01:05:21
Q: what about price inflation?
01:05:22 to 01:08:09
Q: are studies done on minimum wage causing no negative impact done dishonestly?
01:08:10 to 01:09:57
Q: why is nationalism on the rise since intellectuals in academia hate it?
01:09:58 to 01:14:43
Q: are conservatives Platonic in how they view common people?
01:14:44 to 01:16:25
Q: why did anti-Semitism rise in America?
01:16:26 to 01:18:09
Q: do statists recognize altruism's influence during times of crisis and use that to their advantage?
01:18:10 to 01:19:39
Q: why do people respond differently or similarly to various arts?
01:19:40 to 01:23:44
Q: thoughts on Dave Rubin's sympathy to religion and Jordan Peterson's views?
01:23:45 to 01:25:51
Q: thank you for changing my mind/life
01:25:52 to 01:26:43
Q: thoughts on Milton Friedman ?
01:26:44 to 01:29:34
Q: who poses the threat to Reason: the faith driven Right or the emotionalist Left?
01:29:35 to 01:31:09
Q: why do cities that are against inequality have the highest amount of economic inequality?
01:31:10 to 01:33:29
Q: thoughts on potential relationship between interest rates and inflation?
01:33:30 to 01:34:13
Q: thoughts on efficiency theory and analysis ?
01:34:14 to 01:37:29
Q: thoughts on the utility of certain religious activities?
01:37:30 to 01:42:22
Q: don't politicians like printing money because it benefits their assets?
01:42:23 to N/A