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Channel: Recode-Decode
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"Antisocial" author Andrew Marantz on how the far right hijacked the internet
What the Nationalists and the Left agree on: America was set up as a country for white men.
30:31 to 30:59
28 seconds
Integrating all the threads: Mike Cernovich
15:42 to 18:39
3.0 minutes
The key players: Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit
23:05 to 25:57
2.9 minutes
What is the role of technology in this situation?
31:00 to 33:19
2.3 minutes
So where are the online extremists now? What about Russia? The Overton Window
39:27 to 42:16
2.8 minutes
To what degree are the shallow "libertarian" and "techno-utopian" roots of Silicon Valley to blame for the problem?
33:20 to 34:41
1.4 minutes
Andrew Marantz professional background - how the book came about.
02:08 to 05:24
3.3 minutes
Is Twitter responsible for this situation?
56:01 to 56:44
43 seconds
The support of free speech by Silicon Valley as a naive, self-serving position
38:11 to 39:26
1.3 minutes
What is the state of things now? Richard Spencer
25:58 to 28:34
2.6 minutes