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Start of the Podcast
09:30 to 10:36
Cyrus and Robby's story.
10:37 to 16:46
Have either done a low carb ketogenic style diet ?
16:47 to 28:51
Glucose and mean amplitude glucose excursions.
28:52 to 34:01
Paleolithic ketogenic diet and type 1 diabetes(a case study).
34:02 to 40:25
Is there long term studies on the carnivore diet?
40:26 to 44:09
Insulin resistance
44:10 to 54:35
Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia
54:36 to 01:00:06
Are low carbohydrate diets effective in combatting insulin resistance?
01:00:07 to 01:07:22
LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
01:07:23 to 01:18:55
Can blood glucose sensitivity improve on a high carb plant based diet?
01:18:56 to 01:20:21
Blue Zones
01:20:22 to 01:28:29
Does saturated fat cause insulin resistance?
01:28:30 to 01:37:05
Do Cyrus and Robby take any supplements?
01:37:06 to 01:41:29
Leucine and MTOR.
01:41:30 to 01:45:05
Why Paul went on the carnivore diet/dissenting opinions on nutrition.
01:45:06 to 01:55:29
The most radical thing Cyrus and Robby have done recently. Where to find them online.
01:55:30 to N/A