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Marxism, Revolution and Utopia by John Ridpath

This is part 4 of a 4 part lecture The Philosophical Origins and Nature of Marxism presented at the Objectivist summer conference in 1992.

Marxism has been the most influential and destructive body of social thought in the last century. Studies of Marxism, however, overlook its philosophical structure, and focus only on selected parts of the whole. This course will approach Marxism as a philosophical system of thought by examining: its metaphysics, epistemology and ethics; its origins in French materialism, utopian socialism, Christian millennialism and Hegelian idealism; and its implementation in our troubled century. (1990's highest rated course)

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Publshed on: Jun 30, 1992
Duration: 01:01:03
Objectivist Conference Presentations

What is the ultimate goal offered by Marxism that makes it a secular version of Christianity's "redemption saga"?
32:55 to 42:44
9.8 minutes
Marxism's view of freedom and the purpose of production. The creation of the ideal man.
42:46 to 48:43
6.0 minutes
Communism as freedom to pursue life "as you will", a return to the Garden of Eden; a redemption saga.
48:44 to 51:37
2.9 minutes
Marxism as a powerful rationalization; legitimizer for power-lust; immune to falsification.
51:40 to 53:00
1.3 minutes