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show & series introduction
02:00 to 05:36
Objectivism as a philosophy for Living on Earth
individualism, heroism, virtues, morality, life, values
05:37 to 33:41
Objectivist morality vs. standard morality
sacrifice, individualism, ethics, altruism, trader principle, philosophy
33:42 to 42:29
Cardinal Values and Virtues of Objectivism
Reason, Self-Esteem, free will, egoism, life, Logic
42:30 to 45:40
Purpose & Values of a business & business-individuals
Reason, profit motive, economics, trade, finance, free market
45:41 to 56:24
Q: Is guilt something one is born with? How do we know that evil people feel guilty?
56:25 to 01:08:51
Q: does seeing a psychologist mean one is weak and unable to handle one's own problems?
01:08:52 to 01:11:35
Q: how would/should a legal system handle a murder of a pregnant women?
01:11:36 to 01:13:32
Q: Does integrity require humility and is humility anti-life?
01:13:33 to 01:16:24
Q: what is the analysis of victimhood politics from Objectivist morality perspective?
01:16:25 to 01:19:37
Q: thoughts on how Robert Downey Jr. turned his life around?
01:19:38 to 01:23:33
Q: why is the popular conception of selfishness so distorted from Rand's conceptualization?
01:23:34 to 01:27:26
Q: thoughts on survival movies?
01:27:27 to 01:29:27
Q: what is the key to correcting one's pragmatic or bad thinking?
01:29:28 to 01:30:14
Q: why do people popularize sayings like 'speck of dust in the universe'?
01:30:15 to 01:31:32
Q: thoughts on WestWorld?
01:31:33 to N/A