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show introduction
00:45 to 03:54
defining and discussing discrimination & discrimination laws
Legal Systems, Reason, rule of law, choice, values, epistemology
03:55 to 18:06
analyzing the impact of Civil Rights Act of 1964
rule of law, choice, role of government, freedom, racism, rights
18:07 to 34:44
dealing with rational and irrational discrimination in a mixed economy or free culture
property rights, Reason, pursuing values, choice, individualism, freedom
34:45 to 42:29
role of law in combating discrimination and harassment
Legal Systems, rule of law, Justice, force, emotionalism, rights
42:30 to 56:09
exploring the link between discrimination and Free Speech and de-platforming and Social Media companies
education, Reason, rule of law, role of government, values, power
56:10 to 01:06:26
impact of discrimination and harassment law on businesses
property rights, profit motive, economics, trade, role of government
01:06:27 to 01:12:04
Q: thoughts on Bail reform?
01:12:05 to 01:13:31
Q: thoughts on current domestic violence laws?
01:13:32 to 01:15:29
Q: are most judges emotionalist & irrational & vindictive & power lusting?
01:15:30 to 01:19:49
Q: how effective has IJ and PLF been about combating licensing laws?
01:19:50 to 01:22:47
Q: how to be pro-Founding Fathers while addressing slavery?
01:22:48 to 01:31:40
Q: thoughts on employers allowing non-white groups but not allowing white groups ?
01:31:41 to 01:37:50
Q: is it rational or racist for a driver to avoid black or dangerous neighborhoods ?
01:37:51 to 01:43:24
Q: what areas are ripe for legal reform ?
01:43:25 to 01:45:54
Q: don't anti-discrimination laws assume that individuals don't have agency and are owned by the state?
01:45:55 to 01:49:14
Q: guilt shouldn't be assumed due to a settlement?
01:49:15 to 01:50:04
Q: what about sexual harassment in higher education and business where the male is assumed guilty till proven innocent?
01:50:05 to 01:52:54
Q: thoughts on airlines charging obese people for 2 seats and similar practices?
01:52:55 to 01:55:40
Q: what racist group is the worst?
01:55:41 to 01:57:52
Q: thoughts on potential link between machine labor, energy, and return of slavery?
01:57:53 to 01:59:24
Q: do church officials have some means to avoid legal punishment?
01:59:25 to 02:01:47
Q: did slavery foster or inhibit machine labor development?
02:01:48 to N/A