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00:10 to 04:59
Politics and pursuing Values and Romantic Relationships
Reality, virtues, freedom, life, values, sex
05:00 to 19:31
Q: what is the connection between productivity and love?
19:32 to 28:01
Q: why is it important to care about freedom and how does that relate to love?
28:02 to 36:29
Q: what is the derivation for the concept of pleasure? is promiscuity good or bad?
36:30 to 45:16
Q: Yaron's favorite depiction of romance in art?
45:17 to 49:53
Q: why hasn't philosophy caught up with technology?
49:54 to 52:59
Q: does Rand have a foothold in post-Soviet countries?
53:00 to 55:47
Q: what is the best South American country to do business in ?
55:48 to 01:00:14
Q: are men more likely to be more promiscuity than women and why?
01:00:15 to 01:06:00
Q: be a moral voice against cancel culture?
01:06:01 to 01:07:12
Q: could their be a commercial promoting Objectivism?
01:07:13 to 01:10:24
Q: what is the reason to kill of Christianity?
01:10:25 to N/A