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explaining and discussing Integrity as a virtue
Reality, morality, egoism, life, values, philosophy
11:15 to 35:52
Integrity and Compromise
truth, free will, individualism, ethics, Virtue, freedom
35:53 to 01:02:32
Q: why did the far Left in Oregon decriminalize hard drugs?
01:02:33 to 01:05:24
Q: thoughts on evidence of voter fraud?
01:05:25 to 01:05:59
Q: thoughts on Michael Sandel and Onkar's debate?
01:06:00 to 01:06:32
Q: will Joe Biden forgive student loans to secure young voters?
01:06:33 to 01:08:57
Q: is the Alt-Right dead?
01:08:58 to 01:10:44
Q: who are some Objectivist Physicists?
01:10:45 to 01:11:39
Q: thoughts on individual rights and human rights?
01:11:40 to 01:14:29
Q: thoughts on Eddie Willer's fate at the end of Atlas Shrugged?
01:14:30 to 01:16:27
Q: thoughts on trans-gender issues and Objectivism?
01:16:28 to 01:18:35
Q: thoughts on populism and its potential rise during President Biden's term?
01:18:36 to 01:21:39
Q: was Keynes a fascist?
01:21:40 to 01:23:09
future YBS plans
01:23:10 to N/A