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01:30 to 12:15
defining and applying Justice in one's life
Reality, truth, Reason, individualism, objectivity, Virtue
12:16 to 27:44
Q: what value does a pet give to a person vs. a person to another person?
27:45 to 31:01
Q: aren't religious people incredibly judgy on certain principles?
31:02 to 45:09
Q: Is it selfish for Milkan to hate Guiliani?
45:10 to 47:45
importance and necessity of judging in personal relationships and business
truth, Reason, objectivity, virtues, life, values
47:46 to 52:39
"Social Justice" vs. Justice
sacrifice, Reason, altruism, life, philosophy
52:40 to 55:39
Q: when buying something, like a business, how does one identify if the sellers are immoral?
55:40 to 57:19
Justice and Trade and production
Reality, truth, Reason, objectivity, virtues, trader principle
57:20 to 01:06:19
Q: what financial information does Yaron consume? how does Yaron add justice/value to various relationships?
01:06:20 to 01:12:20
Justice in one's Life & one's business/professional realm
truth, Reason, Virtue, trader principle, value, philosophy
01:12:21 to 01:17:34
Q: thoughts on worker co-ops? thoughts on Scientology?
01:17:35 to 01:23:17
Q: thoughts on Eric Weinstein's comments on Amazon and anti-Trust?
01:23:18 to 01:26:20
Q: do the moral defects of Trump and GOP impact their ability and defense of capitalism?
01:26:21 to N/A