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Q: thoughts on Holst?
03:08 to 03:40
Q: thoughts on the economy and the middle class?
03:41 to 06:40
Q: thoughts on the value of the Dow in relation to the USD and gold?
06:41 to 08:32
Q: why didn't Israel go full Communist?
08:33 to 09:35
Q: is it moral to treat collectivists as actual collectives like BLM and antiFa?
09:36 to 10:59
Objectivist virtue of Rationality; being objective and fact-oriented in business & life
concepts, Reason, Justice, morality, epistemology, Logic
11:00 to 46:15
Q: why do irrational investments/assets do well in the market?
46:16 to 51:40
Q: why is it so hard to act even when one has sufficient information to act?
51:41 to 59:38
Objectivism and Leadership
truth, Reason, emotionalism, morality, character, business
59:39 to 01:08:27
Q: what facts should one consider when selecting a college degree; especially in the STEM field?
01:08:28 to 01:13:21
Q: thoughts on how reality corrects itself in a moral and practical sense?
01:13:22 to 01:14:11
Q: who or what can be an Objectivist?
01:14:12 to 01:16:10
Q: thoughts on buying power of USD and gold within the Dow?
01:16:11 to 01:17:45
Q: why are we being trained to be cynical?
01:17:46 to 01:22:29
Q: what is a good relationship for a manager/leader to have with those under oneself?
01:22:30 to 01:23:58
Q: don't values help one make choices and allocate one's time?
01:23:59 to 01:25:18
Q: does the Truth actually hurt?
01:25:19 to 01:26:29
Q: what does Peter keating need to do to stop being 2nd handed; what did Steven Mallory do to overcome his setbacks?
01:26:30 to 01:29:19
Q: how does the pressure on companies to be corporately responsible impact their ability to be profitable?
01:29:20 to 01:29:56
Q: thoughts on interview with Lex ?
01:29:57 to N/A