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thinking for and living for oneself, discussing the virtue of Independence
Reason, individualism, virtues, egoism, life, values
04:44 to 19:11
Q: what and why was Dominique doing what she was doing before meeting Roark?
19:12 to 24:56
Independent Man vs. Dependent Man; Howard Roark vs. Peter Keating
24:57 to 40:09
Independence in thought and action; choosing values and romantic partner
Reality, relationships, Reason, individualism, virtues, life
40:10 to 58:38
Independence in the realm of business & team work
58:39 to 01:04:17
Q: thoughts on failed independence of young people ?
01:04:18 to 01:07:14
Q: how does one take advantage of politics and corruption to become rich?
01:07:15 to 01:08:35
Q: How can a split between independence in work and second-handed in one's life?
01:08:36 to 01:10:23
Q: Is psychological visibility a value?
01:10:24 to 01:11:36
Q: Is it moral to be perpetually single yet still having multiple relationships?
01:11:37 to 01:14:06
Q: How does resilience relate to independence?
01:14:07 to 01:17:06
Q: which state is best for an entrepreneur and independent person?
01:17:07 to 01:18:16
Q: thoughts on xeno-centrism as living an independent life?
01:18:17 to 01:19:04
Q: thoughts on the existence of various types of Objectivists?
01:19:05 to N/A