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Q: how does morality function in a concentration camp context?
04:45 to 10:20
defining and explaining what virtues are; discussing Productiveness as a virtue
Reality, Reason, free will, morality, life, values
10:21 to 28:02
Q: is listening to YBS a productive action?
28:03 to 28:59
Productivity as a virtue in individual life; Productivity as material and spiritual value
Reality, Reason, Justice, free will, egoism, values
29:00 to 45:36
Q: thoughts on the FIRE movement and retiring early?
45:37 to 50:29
Productive individuals as having Self-Esteem
relationships, Reason, independence, life, values
50:30 to 52:51
Q: wasn't Rand a work-aholic?
52:52 to 59:49
Q: thoughts on arguments against technology due to its impact on human laborers?
59:50 to 01:02:57
Q: are Europeans more altruistic when it comes to wealth distribution and more egoistic when it comes to sex?
01:02:58 to 01:05:21
Q: how can a student be productive while being a top student?
01:05:22 to 01:06:51
Q: will we see an Objectivist producer or entrepreneur ala Bezos in the next 10 years?
01:06:52 to 01:08:23
Q: what is Objectivist view with Says' law and views on Keynes?
01:08:24 to 01:12:17
Q: is quitting a job that is at a publicly funded place moral ?
01:12:18 to 01:13:39
Q: What did Nathaniel Branden and Richard Salzman gain from faking comprehension of Objectivism?
01:13:40 to 01:15:47
Q: why is Carl Barney attacking Yaron and ARI? Is it good for ARI?
01:15:48 to 01:17:21
Q: how does one apply Objectivism to being a parent? does a parent sacrifice for their kids? do Yaron's kids value Objectivism?
01:17:22 to 01:20:14
Q: how are Yaron's book sales? will they increase in the next few years?
01:20:15 to 01:21:44
Q: Is faith and religion good for one's life?
01:21:45 to N/A