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YBS updates and show introduction
01:00 to 15:09
NYT article analysis on Biden Administration and combating conspiracy theories
Reality, truth, media, facts
15:10 to 47:46
Federalist article analysis on America's future
Reality, religion, mysticism, truth, media, role of government
47:47 to 01:03:29
Objectivist response to rising authoritarianism of Left and Right
Reality, individualism, politics, freedom, rights, philosophy
01:03:30 to 01:10:11
Q: what is the relationship between free will, one's emotional state, and one's bio-chemistry and environment?
01:10:12 to 01:15:21
Q: what is the difference between an abstraction and a concept?
01:15:22 to 01:16:06
Q: don't some people use faith when Reason doesn't have an answer?
01:16:07 to 01:20:19
Q: do people know there is a fog obstructing their mind/life or not?
01:20:20 to 01:25:59
Q: is there a fine line between genius and insanity?
01:26:00 to 01:26:39
Q: how is USA not in a zero sum conflict with China?
01:26:40 to 01:29:49
Q: thoughts on GME trading conspiracies?
01:29:50 to 01:33:35
Q: was Hitler evading his own evil or did he enjoy destroying lives and values?
01:33:36 to 01:34:44
Q: is the reason people aren't ready for Objectivism its benevolent universe idea?
01:34:45 to 01:35:49
Q: what are some things Yaron does that annoys his wife?
01:35:50 to 01:36:26
Q: thoughts on cancel culture?
01:36:27 to 01:38:40
Q: thoughts about WSJ article on growing mediocrity in America and rise of egalitarianism?
01:38:41 to 01:40:06
Q: are Libertarians more open to Objectivist ethics than others?
01:40:07 to 01:40:49
Q: book list?
01:40:50 to 01:41:03
Q: does religion provide a reason why lying is bad?
01:41:04 to 01:45:20
Q: thoughts on Tom Woods not going to Yaron's debate?
01:45:21 to N/A