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01:00 to 13:11
background and status of Jack Ma
China, foreign policy, producers, authoritarianism, trade, freedom
13:12 to 43:17
Q: are Leftist intellectuals sympathetic to free markets?
43:18 to 46:50
Q: are Cuomo and Newsom going to get reelected?
46:51 to 50:06
Q: has there been political retribution against billionaires being pro-capitalism?
50:07 to 55:22
Q: thoughts on Parler suing Amazon on anti-trust grounds?
55:23 to 57:47
Q: was the removal of Parler a silencing of dissent?
57:48 to 01:00:54
Q: Did Jack Ma make a mistake with his public comments on CCP?
01:00:55 to 01:03:28
Q: why do some Objectivists still agree/support Trump?
01:03:29 to 01:05:51
Q: thoughts on saying "This too, shall pass" ?
01:05:52 to 01:09:50
Q: thoughts on Sheldon Adelson?
01:09:51 to 01:14:26
Q: thoughts on movie Unthinkable?
01:14:27 to 01:15:37
Q: thoughts on Robert Reich?
01:15:38 to 01:18:32
Q: thoughts on Singapore and its economic success?
01:18:33 to 01:21:16
Q: thoughts on mass resignation of Trump secretaries and their ethics?
01:21:17 to 01:27:59
Q: in which Asian countries is Rand most popular?
01:28:00 to 01:28:23
Q: thoughts on possibility that US will end globalization and turn inward?
01:28:24 to 01:29:09
Q: thoughts about calls for protecting NHS and Covid-19?
01:29:10 to 01:31:46
Q: how to avoid politics in one's family?
01:31:47 to 01:33:49
Q: can money printed for investment actually help ?
01:33:50 to N/A