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YBS updates and housekeeping
01:30 to 08:13
Trump's legacy and impact on the GOP
authoritarianism, politics, role of government
08:14 to 12:28
analyzing evidence of election stealing, voter fraud, and the rest
Reality, truth, conspiracy, objectivity, facts, epistemology
12:29 to 36:29
Q: why does Yaron think the election is legitimate?
36:30 to 43:57
Leftists and CA exodus and morality
ethics, freedom
43:58 to 01:06:05
Q: why sell in CA instead of buy?
01:06:06 to 01:09:25
Q: what does Objectivism/Rand say about redemption?
01:09:26 to 01:15:03
Q: why are Leftists logical in their career and Rightists logical in politics?
01:15:04 to 01:17:20
Q: thoughts on various classical music composers?
01:17:21 to 01:21:57
Q: Is it altruistic to be concerned with the respecting of the rights of others?
01:21:58 to 01:24:24
Q: why is private property not theft?
01:24:25 to 01:27:51
Q: how does Kant teach us to hate life?
01:27:52 to 01:29:27
Q: are welfare recipients being turned into kept pets?
01:29:28 to 01:29:57
Q: is living in Puerto Rico boring?
01:29:58 to 01:31:51
Q: advice to staying or leaving NYC in a restaurant business?
01:31:52 to 01:34:02
Q: is there a way for Yaron to raise money for ARI ?
01:34:03 to 01:36:29
Q: why is the analysis of Fl's response to Covid so biased?
01:36:30 to 01:37:44
Q: would Rand be invited to give a West Point speech today?
01:37:45 to 01:38:50
Q: Is it rational to boycott top universities that are openly racist?
01:38:51 to 01:40:13
Q: thoughts on Michael Sandel's views on the morality of markets?
01:40:14 to 01:41:34
Q: is there an opportunity for the GOP to be reformed ?
01:41:35 to 01:42:25
Q: are there big names in business that defend capitalism on moral and practical grounds?
01:42:26 to N/A