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Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit about election results
rule of law, politics, role of government
01:24 to 12:54
being objective about one's past to live in the present and judge/analyze the future
rationality, Reason, technology, objectivity, life, values
12:55 to 23:25
positive cases for being optimistic about the future
Culture, technology, politics, freedom, intellectual activism, philosophy
23:26 to 01:16:17
Q: Isn't it hard to be optimistic is the amount of rational people buying into conspiracy even with developments in bio-tech?
01:16:18 to 01:21:08
Q: thoughts on stock market?
01:21:09 to 01:26:36
Q: aren't Democratic governors worse than Republican governors?
01:26:37 to 01:28:09
Q: isn't there a more individualist and capitalist element on the Right than the Left?
01:28:10 to 01:30:26
Q: Has technology moved humanity past tyranny?
01:30:27 to 01:31:30
Q: thoughts on professional wrestling and WWE?
01:31:31 to 01:37:08
Q: why are there no other major female philosophers in history?
01:37:09 to 01:40:59
Q: is mandatory vaccination ever permissible?
01:41:00 to 01:43:14
Q: is there a justification for government to prevent healthy people from voluntarily interacting due to a pandemic?
01:43:15 to 01:44:52
Q: Is there an opportunity for education through politics?
01:44:53 to 01:46:14
Q: how early should one display one's ethics and views in a relationship?
01:46:15 to 01:47:16
Q: is it proper to be pro-capitalist and anti-corporations?
01:47:17 to 01:49:22
Q: what does Yaron tip?
01:49:23 to 01:49:44
Q: thoughts on Texas GOP alluding to secession?
01:49:45 to 01:53:48
Q: does Yaron agree that governors should ban people from going to church?
01:53:49 to 01:54:59
Q: are parts of the stock market overvalued?
01:55:00 to 01:55:59
Q: why don't people think in principle?
01:56:00 to 01:56:40
Q: can businesses use government to cheat?
01:56:41 to N/A