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hatred of financiers throughout history
00:05 to 06:31
the attack against financial markets in aesthetics
06:32 to 18:39
portrayal of financiers and CEOs in media
18:40 to 23:42
J.P. Morgan and the Great Depression
23:43 to 33:43
the productive nature of financial instruments
33:44 to 47:46
Q: How does capital get allocated in a free-market?
47:47 to 53:16
being an entrepreneur and a manager
53:17 to 55:14
Q: Aren’t middle class individuals important for capital-allocation?
55:15 to 55:59
Men of the Mind
56:00 to 58:33
Q: How does product quality improve over time given regulations and attacks?
58:34 to 01:00:29
Q: How do financiers know where to invest capital?
01:00:30 to N/A