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Pearl Harbor & Japanese designs on Midway & the Pacific
03:50 to 10:09
Ensuring America’s victory at Midway: HIPPO and Code Breaking
10:10 to 15:09
Setting a trap for the Japanese at Midway; American battle preparations
15:10 to 20:02
Japanese military preparations
20:03 to 23:29
the surprise attack against Japan at Midway: challenges, risks, disasters, and success
23:30 to 29:03
launching planes against the Japanese navy
29:04 to 35:44
American victory at Midway
35:45 to 39:45
Admiral Spurenz victory at Midway
39:46 to 41:21
Consequences of America’s victory at Midway
41:22 to 44:25
American battle virtues vs. Japanese battle vices
44:26 to 52:29
Q: How did Japan react to their defeat at Midway?
52:30 to 55:12
Q: When is it right for a military person to disobey an order?
55:13 to 57:22
Q: Isn’t Midway heavily documented in films?
57:23 to 58:17
Q: How did the Navy misdirect the Japanese nany to gain the upper hand?
58:18 to 59:09
Q: Are there movies made about Midway?
59:10 to 59:41
Q: Was code breaking going on during the battle of Midway?
59:42 to 01:01:39