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Reviewing Causes and Effects of Iranian Revolution
00:12 to 05:49
Mubarak's gov’t in Egypt and ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood
05:50 to 10:42
Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda
10:43 to 13:46
Saudi Arabia after Iranian Revolution
13:47 to 20:59
Muslim Brotherhood in Syria
21:00 to 26:07
Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan & Afghanistan w/ Bin-Ladin
26:08 to 36:14
Muslim Brotherhood in Algeria
36:15 to 42:29
42:30 to 52:26
Q: Is there a parallel between the Sunni/Shiite split and Catholic/Protestant split?
52:27 to 55:57
Q: What does it mean to be a Muslim Brother?
55:58 to 57:29
Q: What is the ideological source of the Muslim Brotherhood?
57:30 to 58:56
Q: How did the Saudi’s get the oil money?
58:57 to 59:59
Q: Where is the support for these groups coming from?
01:00:00 to 01:04:22
Q: What is the history of women’s rights in Islamic countries?
01:04:23 to 01:05:29
Q: What is the data on money from the West going to Islamist groups?
01:05:30 to 01:07:49
01:07:50 to 01:19:29
the Middle East’s Future
01:19:30 to 01:21:19
5 Pillars of Totalitarian Islam: Religion, Radicalized, Saudi Money/spirit, Iranian Model, and Western Weakness
01:21:20 to 01:26:57
Q: Would humiliating the Islamists via technological superiority be effective?
01:26:58 to N/A