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investing strategies, debt ratios, regulations, hedge funds, and capital
00:30 to 11:59
Community reinvestment
12:00 to 23:54
Q: What would Keynesian economics say about the 2008 financial crisis?
23:55 to 28:09
Q: Is there any Rationality in the Fed’s policies?
28:10 to 32:59
leverage and investment banking
33:00 to 38:29
38:30 to 52:39
Why Wall Street got bamboozled; rating agencies and other government activities
52:40 to 01:03:57
mathematical models and human decision making and judgment
01:03:58 to 01:10:09
history of American banking; especially under FDIC
01:10:10 to 01:13:59
Q: How much a factor does moral hazard play across the globe?
01:14:00 to 01:19:59
Uniform Principle: Introduction of Force destroys rationality
01:20:00 to N/A