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One final chance: Muslims in Al Andalus [Spain], Muslim Golden Age
00:55 to 05:09
Saving the West: Spanish Muslims influence on Europe
05:10 to 08:04
deterioration of Abbasid empire: Mamluks, Seljuks and other power groups in court
08:05 to 13:59
European Crusades
14:00 to 15:17
Assasin Shiite in Persia
15:18 to 17:59
rise of madrasas in Islam
18:00 to 19:29
Mongol horde and the rise of pure mysticism in Islamic culture
19:30 to 29:29
the rise of the Ottoman Empire
29:30 to 33:49
Q: why didn’t local populations provide their own children to Turkish military?
33:50 to 36:19
implementation of Sharia in Ottoman empire
36:20 to 37:51
economic, military, and technological woes beginning in 16th century Ottoman empire
37:52 to 52:17
Reasons for Muslim failure, according to Muslims
52:18 to 54:08