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brief recap and self-interest in managing companies
00:00 to 17:09
hostile takeovers & stock options
17:10 to 38:34
separation of ownership and control
38:35 to 39:14
Stock Market Bubbles and other bubbles
39:15 to 51:49
Q: Under laissez-faire, would bubbles occur and what about insider trading?
51:50 to 55:39
CEO reimbursement options
55:40 to 01:06:49
Empirical evidence on CEO pay
01:06:50 to 01:16:59
Private equity and buyouts and being a public company under Sarbanes-Oxley
01:17:00 to 01:23:59
the future under the status quo vs. Objectivism future
01:24:00 to N/A