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Theme and introductory highlights
00:00 to 02:15
Topic and speaker introductions by the moderator
02:16 to 11:24
Dr. Peikoff round 1 - what is morality?
11:29 to 19:53
Peikoff: the mind is the basic source of every pro-life value
12:30 to 13:20
Peikoff: altruism means the sacrifice of the successful
15:19 to 16:31
Peikoff: definition of Capitalism
17:34 to 18:14
Peikoff: Capitalism contrasted with Socialism
18:14 to 19:39
Dr. Vickers round 1 -
20:07 to 28:12
Vickers: Slavery works - immoral systems are productive, but fall when their immorality is exposed
22:30 to 23:47
Vickers: Capitalism is seductive because it expresses simple childhood wishes for unaccountability
23:58 to 24:35
Vickers: self-interest is a childish call to pursue self-interest on the backs of others
24:36 to 25:19
Dr. Ridpath - Round 1
28:24 to 36:04
Ridpath: Man, in a social setting, needs one thing: freedom
30:08 to 31:06
Dr. Kaplan - Round 1
36:17 to 44:43
Kaplan: What is Socialism? Almost a religion; that will suppress the black part of the human soul and elevate the best.
39:02 to 39:42
Kaplan: Then Ends of Socialism: Egalitarianism, Social Justice, Economic & Social Security, Peace
40:02 to 41:38
Kaplan: "Stomach Socialism" - not just a larger cake, but also a fairer distribution
40:35 to 41:08
Kaplan: (Democratic) Socialism is not Communism
41:38 to 42:01
Kaplan: What is Capitalism?
42:00 to 44:42
Dr. Peikoff - round 2
45:20 to 50:37
Peikoff: on the creation of wealth
48:34 to 49:01
Peikoff: on "commitment to the community" vs cooperation
49:17 to 50:19
Peikoff: on William F. Buckley
50:22 to 50:33
Dr. Vickers - Round 2
50:48 to 55:27
Vickers: Support systems are that which we owe to one another as brothers and sisters
53:25 to 53:59
Vickers: On Rationality
54:07 to 54:31
Vickers: How did the wealthy get wealthy off the poor?
54:32 to 55:27
Dr Ridpath - round 2
55:35 to 01:00:55
Ridpath: The essential: the role of the initiation of force in human affairs.
57:51 to 58:42
Ridpath: Capitalism contrasted with Fascism, and characterized generally
59:06 to 01:00:52
Dr Kaplan - Round 2
01:01:14 to 01:06:30
Kaplan: The reality of Capitalism doesn't align with the words. You are part of the Conservative movement.
01:01:29 to 01:03:12
Kaplan: The contribution of the Socialism movement - the shifting of the debate: not whether socialism, but how much.
01:03:13 to 01:04:37
Dr Peikoff - Closing
01:07:06 to 01:13:32
Peikoff: politics is not a primary. The issue is basic philosophic premises.
01:09:42 to 01:10:16
Peikoff: Nazism is Socialism - definition of Socialism by the Capitalists
01:11:07 to 01:12:37
Dr Ridpath - Closing
01:13:36 to 01:16:35
Dr Vickers - Closing
01:16:44 to 01:21:44
Vickers: I believe in reason, and emotion too.
01:17:52 to 01:18:11
Vickers: altruism is not just self-sacrifice
01:18:14 to 01:18:31
Vickers: I'm Aristotelian; all things in moderation, including self-sacrifice. Selfishness vs. altruism is a false dichotomy.
01:18:31 to 01:20:06
Vickers: I have never felt coerced by my government
01:20:07 to 01:20:46
Dr Kaplan - Closing
01:21:46 to 01:26:37
Q: Since Capitalism is most productive, and socialism is most moral, should we choose just one?
01:27:54 to 01:31:46
Q: Democratic socialism doesn't seem like a real alternative to capitalism. It's just a struggle for control rather than empowering the workers.
01:31:50 to 01:35:44
Q: Why is it right to sacrifice for others?
01:35:50 to 01:39:27
Q: What do you do about people who can't afford the things they need?
01:39:41 to 01:45:07
Q: Is the morality that produced the Ukraine famine under the USSR the kind of thing we're to expect from Democratic Socialism?
01:45:08 to 01:48:36
Q: How can third-world countries succeed under Capitalism when they don't have the wealth to bootstrap themselves?
01:48:42 to 01:52:52
Q: (incoherent rant) Does selfishness mean we can do whatever we want?
01:53:09 to 01:58:44
Q: What about inheritance?
01:58:42 to 02:02:38
Q: How is it that selfishness won't lead to the same thing the Nazis did?
02:02:38 to 02:07:35
Q: Why is it that the Capitalist countries have the most prosperity?
02:07:51 to 02:12:34
Q: If laws can create wealth, then why didn't countries do that years ago?
02:12:34 to 02:18:03