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Channel: All
Title / Remarks
Date / Duration
YBS: Rush Limbaugh, New York Times, Astral Codex Ten & Cancel Culture
Astral Codex 10, NYT, and cancel culture
24:30 to 01:03:26
38.9 minutes
YBS: Anti-discrimination Law, Tribalism and the War on Social Media W/ Steve Simpson
defining and discussing discrimination & discrimination laws
Legal SystemsReasonrule of lawchoicevaluesepistemology
03:55 to 18:06
14.2 minutes
dealing with rational and irrational discrimination in a mixed economy or free culture
property rightsReasonpursuing valueschoiceindividualismfreedom
34:45 to 42:29
7.7 minutes
exploring the link between discrimination and Free Speech and de-platforming and Social Media companies
educationReasonrule of lawrole of governmentvaluespower
56:10 to 01:06:26
10.3 minutes
YBS: Left's Voodoo Economics Part 1 -- Min. Wage
video analysis of Minimum wage advocates
Reasoneconomicstraderole of governmentfinancemoney
12:50 to 35:21
22.5 minutes
wages, productivity, and economics
truthReasonprofit motivemarketsstatisticsbusiness
35:22 to 39:54
4.5 minutes
39:55 to 01:00:54
21.0 minutes
Free Speech & The Internet (Social Media) with Onkar Ghate
arguments for free speech by Mill, Founding Fathers, and Objectivism
truthReasonindividualismrole of governmentfreedomphilosophy
12:48 to 21:54
9.1 minutes
social media and de-platforming and free speech
property rightstruthReasonindividualismrole of governmentfreedom
36:09 to 48:09
12.0 minutes
YBS: Evaluating Medical Studies (re Covid) W/ Amesh Adalja
show topic introduction: evaluating information about Covid-19, masks, and vaccines
truthReasonSciencemedicinefactsrole of government
09:19 to 27:16
18.0 minutes