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Title / Remarks
Date / Duration
YBS: Left's Voodoo Economics Part 2 -- Buy America, Spend, Spend, Spend
analyzing and discussing various proposals designed to combat poverty and encourage 'buy American'
economicstradefactsrole of governmentfinancemoney
18:30 to 48:49
30.3 minutes
explaining the myth and fallacy of government spending helping stimulate economic growth
01:09:25 to 01:19:12
9.8 minutes
YBS: Left's Voodoo Economics Part 1 -- Min. Wage
video analysis of Minimum wage advocates
Reasoneconomicstraderole of governmentfinancemoney
12:50 to 35:21
22.5 minutes
39:55 to 01:00:54
21.0 minutes
YBS: Ayn Rand's Birthday -- A Discussion of The Fountainhead
GME stock collapse & show introduction
01:07 to 12:54
11.8 minutes
YBS: Finance 101 - RobinHood, Short Selling, Hedge Funds...
defining and explaining various financial concepts and terms
Reasonprofit motiveeconomicsepistemologymoneylaws
10:06 to 32:59
22.9 minutes
analyzing causes of the Reddit inflation of stocks and responses to that stock inflation
profit motivetrademarketsfinancemoney
33:00 to 39:40
6.7 minutes
defining and discussing short selling
39:41 to 57:33
17.9 minutes
defining and explaining hedge funds
property rightscorporationseconomicsmarketsfinancemoney
57:34 to 01:14:24
16.8 minutes
YBS: Gamestop, Shorting Stocks, Markets, and the Madness of Crowds
discussion, explanation, and analysis of Robinhood and Gamestop trading
property rightstechnologyeconomicscryptocurrencyfinancemoney
03:02 to 45:24
42.4 minutes