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Ayn Rand on Free Speech and Church-State SeparationElan Journo Interview with Onkar Ghate

Service: YouTube
Publshed on: May 28, 2019
Duration: 51:40

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Examples of some common free speech concerns and issues in the news
01:02 to 02:18
1.3 minutes
How does the First Amendment in the US related to these typical free speech concerns?
02:59 to 07:31
4.5 minutes
What was John Locke's role in shaping the founder's vision of free speech?
07:34 to 15:52
8.3 minutes
The radical nature of Locke's view of free speech
16:59 to 20:07
3.1 minutes
The views on free speech of Locke, Jefferson, and Madison compared and contrasted with Rand's views.
20:20 to 31:45
11.4 minutes
The conception of free speech as protection of ideas, and the consistent application of this idea across all fields of endeavor.
31:49 to 42:09
10.3 minutes
Ayn Rand's philosophy as the philosophy the Enlightenment deserved but never had. Capitulation to the opponents of free speech as following from lack of understanding of free speech roots in faith vs. reason.
42:15 to 50:45
8.5 minutes