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Q: When you deal daily with dysfunctional systems, how do you maintain optimism about your writing?
48:26 to 48:39
Simon: The role of institutions in society - The Wire is not about a Libertarian doomsday
48:58 to 50:53
Fontana: The internal spirit, consistency, and compelling nature of despicable characters
50:45 to 51:44
Q: How do you know how far to push characters into the realm of evil before they become unrootable for the audience?
51:52 to 52:09
Fontana: It's not about good or bad characters, but about "what's my next move"
52:10 to 52:40
Simon: People live in the moment, not in moral frameworks, they live in a world of pragmatic obstacles they have to overcome.
52:41 to 53:40
Q: How do you go from the writing to what's on screen re storyboards, etc.
54:44 to N/A