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A brief history of Israel
00:00 to 05:07
Why Care about Israel
05:08 to 06:59
Founding of Israel, & Jewish Persecution throughout history, and Zionism
07:00 to 18:54
Israel Founded, Zionism, and a New Intellectual movement
18:55 to 25:29
Israeli Politics: Zionist Left, Secular Right, and Religious Right
25:30 to 28:39
Jewish Intellectuals: Post-Modernists, Multiculturalists, and Pragmatists
28:40 to 44:29
America and Israel’s decline
44:30 to 58:21
Israel’s fundamental ideas
58:22 to 01:01:06
Q: Why are there so many Objectivists in Israel?
01:01:07 to 01:03:44
Q: Why was Netanyahu such a bad leader?
01:03:45 to 01:06:14
Q: What should Israel do about Arafat and the PLO?
01:06:15 to 01:08:16
Q: What weight should Jewishness play in the life of individual Israelis?
01:08:17 to 01:09:16
Q: What is the likely outcome of the Camp David Accords?
01:09:17 to 01:11:59
Q: How is the PLO organized?
01:12:00 to 01:13:44
Q: What is the cultural-political status of Arabs in Israel?
01:13:45 to 01:16:25
Q: What about Madeleine Albright?
01:16:26 to 01:17:45
Q: Why doesn’t Israel have a Constitution?
01:17:46 to 01:19:49
Q: How are the kibbutz run?
01:19:50 to 01:23:29
Q: How is the Holocaust remembered in America and Israel?
01:23:30 to 01:25:26
Q: Is Objectivism making progress in Israel?
01:25:27 to 01:26:12
Q: Why do Jewish intellectuals lean Left?
01:26:13 to 01:28:16
Q: what level does Nietzsche influence Israel?
01:28:17 to 01:28:59
Q: Is Israel experiencing a brain drain?
01:29:00 to N/A