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importance of interest rates; Alan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke at the Fed
00:30 to 29:59
Supply & Demand in home prices and the Austrian Business Cycle
30:00 to 41:14
government intervention in housing
41:15 to 01:04:34
Q: How much fraud mal-investment was and is going on in housing markets?
01:04:35 to 01:07:11
Tax and other government policies since 1914
01:07:12 to 01:13:59
Freddie and Fannie
01:14:00 to 01:18:59
Subprime loans by Fannie and Freddie under Bush
01:19:00 to 01:26:02
Q: How much lobbying is done by lending firms?
01:26:03 to N/A