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Yaron & Amy Show: "Your Swamp, Or Mine?"

The GOP leadership orchestrated a vote on a 2,200-plus-page bill to fund the government (not really a budget?) to the tune of $1.3 trillion--within 48 hours of its release! Almost no one was able to read it before voting on it, and it's doubtful Trump really knew what he was signing. Senator Rand Paul tweeted out over 600 pages of it, informing us of plenty of provisions that will, no doubt, encourage the proliferation of various swamp flora and fauna.

This raises the question: Was the Trump Presidency (with GOP majority!) really ever about draining the swamp? Or was it more a matter of, Your swamp, or mine?" There are a couple other stories to which this question can be applied, unfortunately. Check out Program Notes at Amy's blog here

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Publshed on: Mar 23, 2018
Duration: 01:37:53
The Yaron & Amy Show


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