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Yaron Brook Show: Economic Nationalism/Patriotism--Left & Right

Service: YouTube
Publshed on: Jul 20, 2019
Duration: 01:11:39
The Yaron Brook Show

American Corporations and American rich under assault, Left & Right
nationalismprofit motiveeconomicsfree trade
02:15 to 10:11
7.9 minutes
principles vs. Pragmatism; Right & Left economic populism & power lust
10:12 to 13:59
3.8 minutes
Elizabeth Warren's plans for the American economy
14:00 to 22:39
8.7 minutes
birth of National Conservatism; death of free markets...
22:40 to 27:39
5.0 minutes
Elizabeth Warren & Economic nationalist conservatives
27:40 to 29:24
1.7 minutes
the nativist agenda: American values & social issues
individual libertyFree Speechabortionimmigrationracism
29:25 to 45:15
15.8 minutes
Q: Why is corporate research superior to academic research?
45:16 to 49:42
4.4 minutes
Q: Is it possible to predict the level at which national debt becomes crippling?
49:43 to 51:34
1.9 minutes
Q: Could Ronald Reagan get elected in 2020?
51:35 to 55:19
3.7 minutes
Q: Thoughts on Rand Paul's stand against 9/11 victim funding?
55:20 to 56:24
1.1 minutes
Q: Can a candidate of individualism actually come about and win/influence the national discourse?
56:25 to 58:29
2.1 minutes
Q: To what extent did the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 60's influence the views throughout Europe and America up to now?
58:30 to 01:02:10
3.7 minutes
Q: How much of a threat to freedom is the EU given its drift away from freedom?
01:02:11 to 01:03:54
1.7 minutes
What victory requires is...
01:03:55 to N/A
7.7 minutes