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Yaron Brook Show: Racist Tweets?, Epstein, & More

Service: YouTube
Publshed on: Jul 16, 2019
Duration: 01:19:37
The Yaron Brook Show

update on Yaron's recent activities
05:00 to 09:21
4.4 minutes
Christianity and the movie: "Agora"
09:22 to 12:26
3.1 minutes
Christian sins and ancient Athens
Greek bronze sculpturesreligion
12:27 to 14:07
1.7 minutes
Q: What is Rand's view on how government would hand out contracts to the private sector to accomplish certain things?
14:08 to 16:24
2.3 minutes
16:25 to 27:09
10.7 minutes
Alt Right & Trump's influence on Conservatism; outcomes of influence
27:10 to 29:47
2.6 minutes
interpretations of Trump's Tweets; the Squad vs. Pelosi
29:48 to 32:33
2.8 minutes
evaluating the Squad's ideologies and policies
32:34 to 36:47
4.2 minutes
short-term and long-term consequences of Trump's Tweets
36:48 to 39:14
2.4 minutes
Trump's approach and tactics to dealing with and solving issues
39:15 to 46:12
7.0 minutes
Q: Does Trump represent racism as a political movement?
46:13 to 48:07
1.9 minutes
Q: What are some other countries with a similar culture to America?
48:08 to 49:14
1.1 minutes
Q: Can America do anything to make the world a better place to live in, especially in Mexico & Central/South America?
49:15 to 53:01
3.8 minutes
Q: How could Rand argue everything is black and white when there are so many things that are a mixture?
53:02 to 55:27
2.4 minutes
Q: Thoughts on Peter Theil's comments about China and Google?
55:28 to 01:00:02
4.6 minutes
Jeffery Epstein, Sexual abuse, state of the culture
01:00:03 to 01:11:49
11.8 minutes
the beauty and meaning of Sex
01:11:50 to 01:14:42
2.9 minutes
rejecting the current culture
01:14:43 to 01:18:19
3.6 minutes
Q: How does one revolt against the culture without appearing conservative?
01:18:20 to N/A
1.3 minutes