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Yaron Brook Show: What is Racism? Collectivism? Does IQ matter? & more...

Service: YouTube
Publshed on: Jul 19, 2019
Duration: 01:21:20
The Yaron Brook Show

Defining, explaining, and identifying Racism
07:17 to 17:11
9.9 minutes
Q: Has Yaron watched "The Medici's: Masters of Florence" on Netflix?
17:12 to 18:41
1.5 minutes
Q: is there any self-interest in preserving/defending one's own racial/ethnic identity?
18:42 to 31:36
12.9 minutes
Q: Is it odd that Iran is constantly in the news cycle? Is this a precursor to war?
31:37 to 39:05
7.5 minutes
Q: Isn't it rational to observe racial groups for specific attributes like athleticism?
39:06 to 44:19
5.2 minutes
Racism is...
44:20 to 46:09
1.8 minutes
Q: Molenyuex argues that the fate of the nation depends on the average IQ of its population, but Jared Diamond has a counter argument, thoughts?
46:10 to 53:21
7.2 minutes
Q: Is part of Trump's attack on the Squad to undermine the authority and importance of Congress in relation to the Presidency?
53:22 to 59:15
5.9 minutes
Q: Advice to give to someone who wants to be a YouTuber but is afraid of potential criticism?
59:16 to 01:03:34
4.3 minutes
Q: Is it ever appropriate to say 'If you don't like it here, then leave'?
01:03:35 to 01:07:02
3.5 minutes
Q: Isn't intelligence far more complex than just IQ?
01:07:03 to 01:10:04
3.0 minutes
Q: Has Yaron ever met Epstein types in the finance world?
01:10:05 to 01:12:04
2.0 minutes
Q: Is co-dependency a part of collectivism?
01:12:05 to 01:17:42
5.6 minutes
Yaron's motivational spiel
01:17:43 to N/A
3.6 minutes