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YBS: Alex Epstein on The Great Reset 4/4 -- Climate Change

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Service: YouTube
Publshed on: Nov 28, 2020
Duration: 01:37:06
The Yaron Brook Show

defining the Great Reset & Coivd-19 response
01:54 to 30:12
28.3 minutes
13:02 to 30:12
17.2 minutes
the science behind climate change
30:13 to 01:02:20
32.1 minutes
evaluating European Green New Deal
economicspoliticstraderole of governmentmoralityenergy
01:02:21 to 01:13:54
11.6 minutes
Q: thoughts on European companies going woke?
01:13:55 to 01:15:06
1.2 minutes
Q: why are environmentalists okay with beavers building dams but not humans?
01:15:07 to 01:15:40
33 seconds
Q: is CA reversing its fossil fuel stance or is it committed to self-destruction?
01:15:41 to 01:17:26
1.8 minutes
Q: what does climate change mean?
01:17:27 to 01:19:12
1.8 minutes
Q: thoughts on AOC secondhandedness and mini-green new deal?
01:19:13 to 01:21:43
2.5 minutes
Q: thoughts on learning BJJ?
01:21:44 to 01:23:35
1.9 minutes
Q: has Alex tried to get on Joe Rogan show?
01:23:36 to 01:25:54
2.3 minutes
Q: is Alex going to act as a mediator for various issues within Objectivism?
01:25:55 to 01:26:56
1.0 minutes
Q: Is oligarchy the goal of the Great Reset?
01:26:57 to 01:29:41
2.7 minutes
Q: Is cancel culture impacting climate change skeptics?
01:29:42 to 01:31:35
1.9 minutes
Q: Is Tesla the iPhone of cars?
01:31:36 to 01:33:02
1.4 minutes
Q: thoughts on Michael Shelinberger?
01:33:03 to N/A
4.1 minutes