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YBS: Industrial Policy & the "Deep State"

Service: YouTube
Publshed on: Feb 13, 2021
Duration: 01:35:50
The Yaron Brook Show

YBS updates and show introduction
01:00 to 08:23
7.4 minutes
article analysis of cronyism in the shipping industry
productioneconomicspoliticstraderole of governmentfinance
08:24 to 45:01
36.6 minutes
Q: isn't off-shore wind in a similar crony situation like shipping?
45:02 to 46:29
1.5 minutes
Q: thoughts on protectionism in the name of national security?
46:30 to 54:59
8.5 minutes
Q: why are things the way they are?
55:00 to 57:34
2.6 minutes
Q: is there an argument for national security under laissez-faire and how would funding for that work?
57:35 to 59:15
1.7 minutes
Q: what are Yaron's favorite short and long distance forms of transportation?
59:16 to 01:00:09
53 seconds
Q: how does buying and selling a stock work and what does the price actually tell?
01:00:10 to 01:04:21
4.2 minutes
Q: what is objective thinking?
01:04:22 to 01:06:06
1.7 minutes
Q: what is cause of shortages in various materials for manufacturing?
01:06:07 to 01:07:37
1.5 minutes
Q: thoughts on how UK economy has fared under current PM ?
01:07:38 to 01:09:26
1.8 minutes
Q: where did the name "Ayn Rand" come from ?
01:09:27 to 01:10:39
1.2 minutes
Q: is Noam Chomsky a nihilist?
01:10:40 to 01:11:37
57 seconds
Q: why do people get thrills from dangerous activites?
01:11:38 to 01:12:34
56 seconds
Q: doesn't totalitarianism prove that Plato was right that only intellectuals can/should rule?
01:12:35 to 01:16:19
3.7 minutes
Q: why do intellectuals gravitate towards egalitarianism and communism instead of nationalism and racism?
01:16:20 to 01:18:39
2.3 minutes
Q: thoughts on Harvard study claiming 20% of people dying from fossil-fuels?
01:18:40 to 01:23:27
4.8 minutes
Q: is it altruistic to root for the underdog in the Superbowl?
01:23:28 to 01:24:45
1.3 minutes
Q: would rising steel prices force the west to increase prices on other good?
01:24:46 to 01:26:24
1.6 minutes
Q: is there a point in societal decay where refusing to enter the political realm is moral abdication?
01:26:25 to 01:32:27
6.0 minutes
Q: favorite Sci-Fi movie?
01:32:28 to N/A
3.4 minutes