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Explaining the fall of Islamic Golden Age & Empire
00:05 to 03:59
Differences between West & Muslims in 17th century
04:00 to 06:09
Ottomans learning and importing from the West
06:10 to 19:32
technological changes in Middle East
19:33 to 21:54
reversing cause and effect: the Ottoman’s failure to change; Western colonization
21:55 to 26:02
weak colonial powers in the Middle east
26:03 to 31:29
rise of nationalism in the 19th century
31:30 to 33:53
Al-Afghani and Arab/Muslim nationalism
33:54 to 39:29
Q: wasn’t Islam’s universalism in conflict with Nationalism?
39:30 to 42:39
WWI and collapse of Ottomans
42:40 to 46:11
Q: what about the Balfour declaration?
46:12 to 49:01
the end of the Ottoman Empire and rise of nationalist Turkey
49:02 to 53:52
Arab Nationalism, fascism, and National-Socialism
53:53 to N/A