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History Lesson: A Brief History of the Middle East, Part 4 of 5

Since the birth of civilization, the Middle East has been a crucible of regional conflicts and conquests. This course provides an essentialized history of the region, from its domination by the Roman Empire to the rise and fall of Islamic civilization to the West's defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Dr. Brook then focuses on the more recent history of this area (from the end of World War I to the present), explaining the ideas that have shaped its development and illuminating the context behind the terrorist attacks on the United States and the war in Afghanistan.

This talk was originally presented at the Objectivist summer conferences in 2002.

Service: Spreaker
Publshed on: Sep 13, 2002
Duration: 01:01:05
Yaron Brook Lectures
Objectivist Conference Presentations

Explaining the fall of Islamic Golden Age & Empire
00:05 to 03:59
3.9 minutes
Differences between West & Muslims in 17th century
04:00 to 06:09
2.2 minutes
Ottomans learning and importing from the West
06:10 to 19:32
13.4 minutes
technological changes in Middle East
19:33 to 21:54
2.4 minutes
reversing cause and effect: the Ottoman’s failure to change; Western colonization
21:55 to 26:02
4.1 minutes
weak colonial powers in the Middle east
26:03 to 31:29
5.4 minutes
rise of nationalism in the 19th century
31:30 to 33:53
2.4 minutes
Al-Afghani and Arab/Muslim nationalism
33:54 to 39:29
5.6 minutes
Q: wasn’t Islam’s universalism in conflict with Nationalism?
39:30 to 42:39
3.2 minutes
WWI and collapse of Ottomans
42:40 to 46:11
3.5 minutes
Q: what about the Balfour declaration?
46:12 to 49:01
2.8 minutes
the end of the Ottoman Empire and rise of nationalist Turkey
49:02 to 53:52
4.8 minutes
Arab Nationalism, fascism, and National-Socialism
53:53 to N/A
7.2 minutes