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Muslim Brotherhood’s views of Islamic history, proper society, and ideal government
01:48 to 26:59
Q: Is Mohammed the perfect man according to Islam?
27:00 to 29:59
Q: Is there a parallel between Muslim Brotherhood and Martin Luther?
30:00 to 32:29
Q: Is the hatred of the Jews by Muslims due to Israel or something more?
32:30 to 35:47
Q: Don’t suicide bombers actually have something to gain via suicide?
35:48 to 37:29
Egypt under Nasser
37:30 to 42:21
Rise of Nationalism and Socialism across Middle East
42:22 to 45:19
Muslim Brotherhood in prison and Saudi Arabia’s influence
45:20 to 49:59
Said Kumud's new Muslim Brotherhood; ideal Muslim society
50:00 to 01:10:54
Muslim Brotherhood’s exodus from Egypt in 1960’s to Saudi Arabia; end of Nationalism
01:10:55 to 01:17:44
Q: Didn’t America help Israel in 1967/why only 6 days to victory?
01:17:45 to 01:21:19
Q: What was the rationale for losing the 6 day war in the Arab nations?
01:21:20 to 01:22:43
Egypt under Sadat
01:22:44 to 01:28:04
Q: What is a Fatwa?
01:28:05 to N/A