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Contrasting Islam and Christianity and Judaism
00:05 to 09:51
The “Rightly guided caliphs” after Muhammad
09:52 to 12:59
the Importance of Ali: birth of Shiite & Sunni Islam
13:00 to 18:49
Islam empire on the rise: the Umayyad dynasty
18:50 to 26:59
socio-religious features under early Islam
27:00 to 30:44
Umayyad dynasty falls; Abbasids rise
30:45 to 31:59
Abbasid dynasty, Islamic Golden Age, and Baghdad
32:00 to 42:29
Reason’s ascent and descent in Abbasid empire
42:30 to 54:10
el Ghazali: murderer of Islamic Golden Age
54:11 to N/A