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History Lesson: A Brief History of the Middle East, Part 2 of 5

Since the birth of civilization, the Middle East has been a crucible of regional conflicts and conquests. This course provides an essentialized history of the region, from its domination by the Roman Empire to the rise and fall of Islamic civilization to the West's defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Dr. Brook then focuses on the more recent history of this area (from the end of World War I to the present), explaining the ideas that have shaped its development and illuminating the context behind the terrorist attacks on the United States and the war in Afghanistan.

This talk was originally presented at the Objectivist summer conferences in 2002.

Service: Spreaker
Publshed on: Aug 11, 2002
Duration: 01:00:57
Objectivist Conference Presentations
Yaron Brook Lectures

Contrasting Islam and Christianity and Judaism
00:05 to 09:51
9.8 minutes
The “Rightly guided caliphs” after Muhammad
09:52 to 12:59
3.1 minutes
the Importance of Ali: birth of Shiite & Sunni Islam
13:00 to 18:49
5.8 minutes
Islam empire on the rise: the Umayyad dynasty
18:50 to 26:59
8.2 minutes
socio-religious features under early Islam
27:00 to 30:44
3.7 minutes
Umayyad dynasty falls; Abbasids rise
30:45 to 31:59
1.2 minutes
Abbasid dynasty, Islamic Golden Age, and Baghdad
32:00 to 42:29
10.5 minutes
Reason’s ascent and descent in Abbasid empire
42:30 to 54:10
11.7 minutes
el Ghazali: murderer of Islamic Golden Age
54:11 to N/A
6.8 minutes