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Title / Remarks
Date / Duration
YBS: Biden's Assault on Markets
Competiton as non-essential to Capitalism
12:54 to 18:01
5.1 minutes
The fallacy of perfect competition as an ideal
18:05 to 21:14
3.2 minutes
The fallacy of monopoly power as the flip-side of perfect competition
21:14 to 23:06
1.9 minutes
YBS: Industrial Policy & the "Deep State"
article analysis of cronyism in the shipping industry
productioneconomicspoliticstraderole of governmentfinance
08:24 to 45:01
36.6 minutes
YBS: Anti-discrimination Law, Tribalism and the War on Social Media W/ Steve Simpson
impact of discrimination and harassment law on businesses
property rightsprofit motiveeconomicstraderole of government
01:06:27 to 01:12:04
5.6 minutes
YBS: Left's Voodoo Economics Part 2 -- Buy America, Spend, Spend, Spend
analyzing and discussing various proposals designed to combat poverty and encourage 'buy American'
economicstradefactsrole of governmentfinancemoney
18:30 to 48:49
30.3 minutes
President Biden executive orders on minimum wage, buy America, and more
rule of lawnationalismeconomicsrole of governmenttribalismpower
48:50 to 01:09:24
20.6 minutes
explaining the myth and fallacy of government spending helping stimulate economic growth
01:09:25 to 01:19:12
9.8 minutes
Q: what is Quantitative Easing ?
01:20:13 to 01:23:06
2.9 minutes
YBS: Left's Voodoo Economics Part 1 -- Min. Wage
video analysis of Minimum wage advocates
Reasoneconomicstraderole of governmentfinancemoney
12:50 to 35:21
22.5 minutes