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Yaron Brook Show: Interview with Greg Salmieri

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Service: Spreaker
Publshed on: Mar 18, 2018
Duration: 01:31:57
The Yaron Brook Show

Introducing Greg Salmeri
01:07 to 03:26
2.3 minutes
defining and explaining self-interest; talking to others about it; barriers to selfishness
03:27 to 06:59
3.5 minutes
how the ideas of selfishness an Objectivism radical
07:00 to 10:59
4.0 minutes
why capitalism requires a moral defense
11:00 to 14:49
3.8 minutes
connection between success and self-interested acting; implicit moral codes
14:50 to 21:19
6.5 minutes
self-interest/selfishness as the human default
21:20 to 27:19
6.0 minutes
long term rational self-interest vs. short term irrationality
27:20 to 39:53
12.6 minutes
altruism in the individual and in the society
39:54 to 45:41
5.8 minutes
Commercial Break
45:42 to 46:54
1.2 minutes
defining and explaining sacrifice
46:55 to 55:24
8.5 minutes
meaning of life: Jordan Peterson vs. Objectivism
55:25 to 01:02:54
7.5 minutes
Rand usage of the word ‘selfishness’ and determining the validity of dictionary definition; concept formation and definition
01:02:55 to 01:15:53
13.0 minutes
Q: what role does skepticism have in the difficulty of talking about selfishness?
01:15:54 to 01:19:09
3.3 minutes
being rationally optimistic about the world one lives in
01:19:10 to 01:29:12
10.0 minutes
The Atlas Project
01:29:13 to N/A
2.7 minutes