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Yaron Brook Show: Toronto, N. Korea, & Bernie Sanders

In this episoide, Yaron Brook discusses truck terrorism in Toronto, North Korea, and Bernie Sanders. 

Service: Spreaker
Publshed on: Apr 23, 2018
Duration: 50:01
The Yaron Brook Show

overview of Yaron’s trip
02:35 to 06:59
4.4 minutes
truck terrorism in Toronto; combatting and crushing terrorism
07:00 to 23:34
16.6 minutes
Q: If America falls, does the rest of the West fall?
23:35 to 30:19
6.7 minutes
North Korea’s nuclear program and Trump; principles of foreign policy
30:20 to 34:01
3.7 minutes
Google’s profits
34:02 to 35:39
1.6 minutes
Mike Pompeo wins nomination in Senate
35:40 to 38:07
2.5 minutes
Q: Is the Iran deal good because it slows down their nuclear program?
38:08 to 40:24
2.3 minutes
Bernie Sanders’ plan for universal employment
40:25 to N/A
9.6 minutes