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Kara Swisher, Silicon Valley’s most revered journalist, hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
Jordan Peterson
Media by or about Jordan Peterson
Objectivist Conference Presentations
Selected presentations from various objectivist conferences.
National Conservatism
Speeches from the National Conservatism conference in Washington DC on July 14-16, 2019.
The Yaron & Amy Show
A recurring series within the Yaron Brook Show featuring guest commentator Amy Peikoff
The Yaron Brook Show
Yaron Brook, Radical for Capitalism, discusses news, culture and politics from the principled perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Yaron is the executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute and a world class speaker. He is the coauthor of the national best-seller Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government, Equal is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality and In Pursuit of Wealth: The Moral Case for Finance. He speaks around the world on a variety of topics including the morality of capitalism, Ayn Rand and her philosophy, finance and economics, and the value of inequality. 
Yaron Brook Lectures
Selected lectures from Yaron Brook's presentations around the world.
The Ayn Rand Centre UK
The Ayn Rand Centre is dedicated to promoting Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism in the United Kingdom. The organisation advances Ayn Rand’s ideas by organising speaker events, discussion groups and other activities.
Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD
Dr. Paul Saladino is a functional medicine MD specializing in psychiatry. He shares cutting edge, science-based information that you can use to take charge of your own health.
Conservative Political Action Conference
Videos from the Conservative Political Action Conference across the years